Covid-free Village

A community-led initiative to empower villages
for Covid-resilience

Covid-free Village is a community-led initiative that takes responsibility for protecting villages from the pandemic. The objective is to empower villages to take ownership for creating a people’s movement to prevent and contain the pandemic by forming Village Task Forces. The program offers flexible, need-based interventions to effectively deal with the dynamic pandemic situation in villages. Covid-free Village is implemented as a government program with institutional and ecosystem support at all levels. The program reflects BJS’ deep and lasting commitment to fight Covid-19, and other pandemics in future.

The Covid-free Village Model

The Covid-free Village model demonstrates sustainable outcomes in “one village” that can be taken to scale across the country. Its frameworks, processes, roles and responsibilities, training modules, audio-visuals, BCC/IEC material, knowledge and program management systems have all been developed to support implementation at scale. The program is informed by BJS’ four decades of rich grassroots experience in disaster response, health, education, water, and social development.

Introduction to Covid-free Village Program [Hindi 14.21 mins]

Implementation Approach

The dynamic nature of the pandemic calls for a flexible, context-specific implementation approach. Preparedness, prevention and containment measures are at present high priority for State Governments. Therefore, vaccinations, increased awareness on Covid-appropriate behaviours, tracing, tracking and testing for Covid-19 along with increased utilization of Covid-related government schemes are top priorities.

If and when there is a spike in new infections in a given geography, Village Task Forces will immediately respond to the situation by activating the required interventions such as tracing, tracking, testing and treatment of cases, and supporting Quarantine Centres/Covid Care Centres. An ongoing process of needs assessment through monthly review meetings is integral to this flexible approach.

Village Task Forces will however be trained on the entire range of interventions right from the start of the program to ensure readiness of villages for responding to emerging scenarios.

CFV Interventions

Strategy for Scale

The program adopts a comprehensive strategy of harnessing strengths of key ecosystem stakeholders at all levels. It leverages institutional capacities of the State Government and the District/Taluka Administrations for scaled implementation. Using technology as a key enabler, the program mobilizes impact sector partnerships for implementation and capacity building. Dedicated program management and technology platforms ensure scale, governance and quality.










Technical Advisors

Dr. Manoj Jain, MD, MPH

Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University, Atlanta

Dr. Mahaveer Golechha, MSc, Ph.D.

Indian Institute of Public Health, Gandhinagar