Program Management Platform

The Covid-free Village program uses a modified and strengthened version of BJS’ existing technology platform for program management at scale. The platform comprises of a Knowledge Management System (KMS) and a Program Management System (PMS) incorporating critical governance workflows such as coordination and data sharing with the government, mobilization and deployment of NSS student volunteers, training and capacity building of grassroots stakeholders, program monitoring and dashboards.

The Knowledge Management System serves as a comprehensive, online, universally accessible repository of program resources comprising pictorial guidebooks, audio-visual training modules, SOPs, BCC/IEC material and toolkits for use by all stakeholders. Sarpanchs and members of Village Task Forces can access and download above resources from the KMS platform for program implementation.

The Program Management System, on the other hand, is a user-friendly technology solution that facilitates field data collection, data aggregation, analysis and dashboards for use by all stakeholders, including Sarpanchs and members of Village Task Forces.