Empowering Villages for Covid Containment

Covid-free Village is a community-led initiative taking responsibility for protecting villages from the pandemic. Every village has socially-minded, motivated people, selflessly contributing to the well-being of all. Many a times however, such community champions are unable to demonstrate their leadership due to absence of a platform, appropriate guidance, training or tools.

The Covid-free Village initiative identifies, empowers and motivates such champions, giving them the skills to assume leadership of a people’s movement in the village for Covid risk-reduction.

Village Task Forces

The focus is on creating five Village Task Forces, taking responsibility for Covid-containment measures. Social mobilization in the village is led by the Sarpanch with help from village leaders like the Gramsevak, Talathi and village seniors. Task Forces provide a strong community platform for Covid risk-reduction by providing leadership to

Government Ownership

Covid-free Village is implemented as a state government initiative. The government issues orders and declares Covid-free Village competitions with prizes in different categories to be awarded to winning Gram Panchayats.

Participation in the program is demand-driven. Gram Panchayats desirous of joining the program and the competition submit applications to the Taluka Administration. Implementation is supported by the government through Program Management Units established at state, district and taluka levels, ensuring that people in villages receive complete access to all relevant government schemes.


Ecosystem Support

Covid-free Village leverages support from the development ecosystem in the state to effectively reach out to village communities at scale. Villages are engaged through collaborations with reputed NGOs, enabling strong support for training, capacity building and handholding of Village Task Forces. This effort is further strengthened by the state government by assisting with mobilization of youth power through organized volunteer cadres like the National Service Scheme.


Program Management Platform

The scale strategy of Covid-free Village focuses on a strong program management platform at state level with technology connect aiding critical work-flows like government PMU support, competitions, mobilization of youth power, training and capacity building of Village Task Forces etc.